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Why should you buy iPad Pro over a laptop as a medical student or a doctor?

Every medical student or doctor uses there laptops for:
Reading PDF documents and ebooksMaking, editing or viewing presentationsTaking notesWatching multimedia If any device can do that with ease, then its iPad Pro. It costs $799 and is still better value for money than Apple's $2000 laptops.

Some of the most distinguishing features of iPad Pro that separates it from other PCs, tablets and even smartphones are:

Powerful Processor: iPad Pro is faster than most of the PCs, literally. Source: The A12X Bionic chip inside the new 2018 iPad Pro outperforms even Core i7-powered laptops

Speed: It is buttery smooth to use. You can switch between apps, documents, presentations, etc pretty fast without any lag at all. It makes learning, reading comfortable.

Screen: iPad Pro has the best screen in class. It is way better than any laptops below $1500 dollars and no less than any expensive smartphone. Its 120 Hz screen with adaptive display making reading so damn perfect and easy on eyes.

Compact: …

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